Friday, November 30, 2018

The Christonomous Experience in Relation to Autonomy and Concorporation.

There are people whose identity, conscience, and consciousness is, generally speaking, guided and informed autonomously. That is, they are self-regulated and individualistic in their interactions and relationships in the sense that they move, act, and relate to others the context of the various outward social, political, and religious ideas, morals, ethics, opinions, values, and institutions. The conscience and consciousness of the autonomous or individualistic person is guided and informed from within the sphere of those outward formalities they decide to follow. Often, they are accused of being selfish or self-centered because, in their interactions with others, they value and their own sphere of outward social, political, and religious formalities over others, and often at the expense of others, and groups. The self-regulated conscience values the sense of independency above conformity to the conscience of the group.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Keyboarded version of the Christian Quaker by William Rogers (1680) published online.

In the year 1680, William Rogers published “The Christian Quaker Distinguished from the Apostate & Innovator, in Five Parts” as a response to what many Quakers at the time understood to be an introduction of a peremptory spirit into the gathering led by George Fox.

Newly Published: "Judas and the Jews Combined against Christ and his Followers"

William Penn's " Judas and the Jews Combined against Christ and his Followers " published.